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Chicago Sewer Repair are fully licensed, bonded and insured professional plumbers for all of your plumbing, water, sewer and drainage needs.


Our locally staffed contractors are clean-cut, polite, friendly, and are background and drug tested ensuring your peace of mind. Allowing any strangers into your personal space is never taken lightly. We don’t care if the contractor is the best in the world, if he has a history abusing customer trust, we scratch him off our list. The screening process is rigorous and it’s important to us that YOU know we have your best interest at heart – always. You can’t buy trust. It’s earned. And we value that more than dollars and cents.

We Are LOVED In Our Community…

We’ve been serving our local community for several years and love receiving stories and testimonials from satisfied customers in the greater Chicago area.

We thank you for the support and intend on serving you and your family for generations to come!


C.S.R is the only source you will ever need for sewer repair, maintenance and installation services. Our flat rate pricing keeps our technicians transparent so hidden fees and charges are never sprung up on you. We value integrity and expect it from our men. We review all work prior to starting so there are no surprises in both price AND service performed.

We Get The Job Done RIGHT The FIRST Time! 

Not only do we get the job done right the FIRST time, we are always ON time.

Nothing’s more frustrating than plumbers who operate on their time. We KNOW you took off work to accommodate us. We KNOW you went through the trouble of relocating your pet(s) to comfort us. We KNOW you rearranged YOUR schedule to meet us on time, it’s polite to return your courtesy in kind. We stress punctuality and timeliness here at C.S.R.

We Are The BEST 

This isn’t just our ego talking. We know we have the best technicians in the industry, else we wouldn’t hire them. But our customers are our biggest critics and cheerleaders.

See below at what they had to say:


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Here Are The Services Chicago Sewer Rescue Provides You: 

Sewer Cleaning Power Rodding  

An electronically powered machine utilizes sharp rapidly turning blades cutting through the root network or blockage. This process quickly clears the drain path, so the interior of the pipe can be examined properly.

Sewer Line Hydro Jetting  

 If upon inspection we notice a buildup of oil, sludge, grease or other highly viscous substances, hydro jetting is our solution of choice. This technologically advanced system uses high-powered water pressure equipment to remove the blockage and restore the line to a like-new state but at a fraction of the cost of replacing the line itself.

Sewer Pipe Relining  

Sewer pipe relining acts as a long-term, preventative solution to leaks, breaks, blockages, erosion, water damage and mold growth to keep water flow going strong. It also acts as a barrier to heavy metals seeping through drinking water lines from traditional piping.

Drain Cleaning 

A standard service that includes one or all of the following: Kitchen, Basement, Outdoor and Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining  

Epoxy lining molds and shapes into the form of the existing sewer pipe while simultaneously creating new pipe where there previously was none (I.e separations/cracks/breaks), thus creating a seamless sewer pipe within a pipe.

Video Inspection  

If you’re looking for a diagnosis of your problem, like a mechanic who places a vehicle on a lift to get an accurate diagnosis of the problem, our service technicians use advanced camera work combined with knowledge and experience to determine the EXACT problem and help you determine the best course of action.

Granted, there is a small charge for this service but it ultimately lowers repair costs and eliminates any guesswork on the part of the plumbing technician to identify the problem immediately.

Conversations can go from this, “The problem was WORST than we expected, it will cost $xxxx additionally to do xxx” to “We KNOW what the problem is, the best solution and this is the final price to fix it.” Video inspections leaves no room for guesswork.

“Very prompt and courteous! Would definitely hire them again!”

- Trish

“They showed up quickly to fix a plumbing leak, and did quality work :)”

- Chester

“Six Stars. No need to look anywhere else. Excellent work, knowledge, advice. Great customer service. They’ll do any and all jobs I need in the future.”

- David

Chicago Sewer Resuce **GUARANTEES** Your Professional Plumbing Results!

Other cities we happily serve include the following surrounding areas below:

Cicero, Oak Park, Berwyn, Forest Park, River Forest, Elmwood Park, Lincolnwood, Lyons, Maywood, River Grove, Summit, Evergreen Park, Evanston, Norridge, Melrose Park, Fort Dearborn Addition, Park Row, Burnham Place, Harbor Square, Cityfront Center, Film Row, Conleys Patch, Cityfront Place, Duncans Addition, Streeterville, Kinzies Addition, Shantytown, McCormickville, Swede Town, Killgubbin, Central Station, Carpenters Addition, Wolcotts and Bushnells Additions, IL

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