Kitchen, Basement, Outdoor and Bathroom Drain Cleaning 

Below are the following services we offer to get the water ‘flowing’ in your pipes again: 

Kitchen Drain Cleaning  

The most common blockage, early signs of blockage reveals slower drainage over time as grease, fat, food bits, soap and detergent deposits build up in the inner walls.

Many kitchens give you immediate access to the piping underneath, and with relatively little skill you may want to consider a do-it-yourself drain cleaning approach initially prior to hiring us or any contractor if it’s as simple as unscrewing a small pipe underneath and re-screwing to unclog.

However, if you find the problem runs deeper in the infrastructure than contacting professionals Chicago Sewer Rescue is your best bet.

Basement Drain Cleaning 

Because sewer drains run underground, signs of ‘sewage’ and it’s smell begins here most often. The drain traps should be filled with water to prevent odors and sewer gas from escaping. Dirt, debris and pet hair is often the biggest issue. We have the equipment and experience to do this for you.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning 

Downspouts are inter-connected to your city’s storm sewer system which can easily get clogged with leaves, debris, mice, etc. This, too, requires professional intervention and must never be attempted alone.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning  

We typically find hair, toothpaste (caps and empty tubes), and grime. As for toilets, the most common issue is paper towel and feminine hygiene products. We don’t recommend continuing this practice as those items are known to fail to breakdown properly during the drainage process.

Power Rodding and Sewer Rodding 

Rodding, also known as “power rodding”, entails using a flexible metal cable that threads into drain systems and around bends and joints. A cleaning head with razor sharp teeth is installed on the cables end. This attachment, with the help of an electric motor, rotates the cable causing the head to spin at a blistering speed.

This process destroys virtually any obstruction blocking the pipe, shears tree roots and shaves away sludge buildup. Naturally, anything in it’s path is shredded into such small fragments that all that’s required is to get water flowing through the system again to clear away any leftover debris introduced into the pipe.

Although older than hydro-jetting today it’s still considered a great advancement over old-school traditional drain-opening methods where it involved locating the specific clogged pipe segment in the walls of the home or underground and physically, by hand, “opening” the pipe to remove any blockage. One pipe after another.

As you can imagine this was an incredibly labor intensive process that REALLY proved a plumbers stripes as he was tasked to not only clear the blockage but simultaneously cause as little damage as possible on the premises. In most cases customers traded solving one problem (fixed plumbing) for another (damaged landscape/interior) with the secondary problem sometimes being as costly if not more so than the primary.

There are instances where power rodding may be all you require to get the job done and more advanced methods aren’t necessary. It may also be the cheapest and most efficient.

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