Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining

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If you’re looking for a cost effective alternative to digging up your front lawn, bushes and trees – causing thousands of dollars worth of irreparable damage (not to mention a sight for sore eyes) — you’ll want to consider Epoxy Pipe Lining, sometimes called CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe), or trenchless technology; epoxy sewer lining.

The epoxy pipe lining method gives you the strength of brand new pipe but is far less costly and invasive, not to mention environmentally friendly, than your traditional ‘dig and replace’ repair methods. This is a proven technology utilized by most plumbing professionals including yours truly, Chicago Sewer Rescue.

In the majority of cases, taking advantage of our epoxy pipe lining system saves you the hassle of destroying many areas on your property that, with a traditional method, would disturb and/or destroy: driveways, landscaping, porches, sidewalks, floors, electrical and gas lines, water lines, roadways and parking lots.

At Chicago Sewer Rescue we SAVE you time and trouble  from having to pay for additional repairs to where your pipe is laid.

We’re Like Secret Plumbing Ninja’s… 

…sneaking in beneath the ground behind enemy territory and engaging our target before sneaking back out ‘scott-free’ with not a fingerprint or hair sample left behind to trace.

Yup. That’s just how good we are 

We’ll be in and out before you know it and no one would ever know work was ever done on your property. We don’t need to leave a big mess to prove our craftsmanship. In fact, a TRUE professional leaves only ONE mark behind – your stamp of satisfaction and approval along with a referral to your friends and family.

This is the kind of service you can expect with epoxy. It’s clean. Efficient. And effective. It makes our job easier and gives you less headaches.

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