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Two Early Warning Signs You’ve Got A CLOGGED Sewer Line

(and what you MUST do before it’s too late!) 

Sewer line clogs cause raw sewage to back up into your drains and into your home causing extensive water damage leading to costly repairs.

So how can you tell if your line is clogged or if it’s just a regular clog?

Multiple Drains Are BACKED UP 

If your toilet, bathtub AND shower makes a ‘gurgling noise’ similar to an amplified, hungry stomach, odds are, you have a main sewer line clog.

There’s DRAINAGE at the Sewer Clean Out 

If you have a home built post-1978, if you look around the sides of your home near the bushes you should see a white or black pipe with a threaded cap giving access to the sewer line.

Screw off this cap. If water flows UP and OUT or standing IN the pipe, your sewer line is clogged and needs to be professionally cleaned out.

Clogs are typically caused by wrong items being flushed, old piping not able to handle increase traffic, or mature tree roots interfering and growing into the pipes underground for easy water access causing backup.

Once you or our team established a sewage clog is a potential problem, we recommend Chicago Sewer Rescues…

Hydro Jetting Main Sewer Line Service

Hydro-jetting is the latest technology that utilizes extremely high-pressure jets of water to literally “blast” out clog pipes, destroy sludge accumulation and slice and dice through intruding tree roots look a a precision laser beam.

At 3,500 to 4,500 PSI the water pressure is enough to blast away the central blockage. At the same time the surge of high-pressure water from hydro jetting equipment flushes out debris from the point of obstruction and out of the premises.

Initially the intense pressure may give cause to concern. However, hydro jetting is known to cause the LEAST trauma to the interior walls of pipes because there is no heavy-duty snake or metal cable involved as with other methods.

Our Hydro jetting system successfully clears and cleans all drains from 1-inch home drains to large municipal sewer lines.

To ‘Snake’ or NOT To Snake…THAT Is The Question… 

A drain auger (also known as a “plumbers snake”) is the first line of defense for our technicians to clear the ‘clog’. If that doesn’t work (case-by-case basis), we use fiber optic sewer line camera work to take a bird’s eye view at the problem to figure out our next move.

However, a snake depends on the age and infrastructure of your piping. In some residential areas pre-1980’s clay sewer lines were used and a snake may do more harm than good causing erosion.

Another side-effect is that it may only be a temporary solution to a much larger problem simply holding off the inevitable thorough sewage cleaning.

Lastly, snakes are not effective in eliminating built-up sludge inside pipes that is the catalyst to most blockage.

Snaking is the least expensive sewer cleaning cost option, but should also be noted as typically the least effective if the issue is bigger than a simple ‘pipe scrubbing.

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