Trenchless Sewer Drain Replacement 

The Benefits of Sewer Pipe Relining 

Permanently STOPS Root Intrusions and Sewage Leaks  

Epoxy lining molds and shapes into the form of the existing sewer pipe while simultaneously creating new pipe where there previously was none (I.e separations/cracks/breaks), thus creating a seamless sewer pipe within a pipe.

Improves The Flow of Water 

 Think of it like the veins within a human body cleansed allowing for faster, easier blood flow from one area of the body to another.

This process boosts flow capacity because the lined pipe is ‘smoother’ than old clay, cast iron or concrete pipe. Calcification deposits will not stick to relined walls helping to prevent future blockages.

Sewer pipe relining acts as a long-term, preventative solution to leaks, breaks, blockages, erosion, water damage and mold growth to keep water flow going strong. It also acts as a barrier to heavy metals seeping through drinking water lines from traditional piping.

We use a 4-step process to reline your sewer pipes (CIPP): 

Step 1: With the help of modern technology we use our state-of-the-art high definition cameras to evaluate the lines in question to help us decide what’s necessary to solve the problem and to assess if the pipe meets our minimum engineering guidelines to perform new cure in place sewer pipe relining.

Step 2: If the first step is passed with flying colors, we proceed to clean your lines completely using our high pressure water jetter along with special tools to remove fat, oil, and grease build up. It also clears our dirt, mud, stubborn tree roots, human waste and other miscellaneous debris.

Step 3: Next we put a new CIPP (cured in place liner) WITHIN the existing pipe using special resins. The final results is a smooth, seamless ‘pipe within a pipe’. However, the new pipe is stronger, sturdier, durable and long-lasting. Older pipes were made in section pieces, whereas newer pipes are “jointless” preventing nature from ‘slipping in-between the cracks’ causing future expensive repairs and/or replacements. With this new sewer pipe relining technology you’re looking at a fix that’ll last for decades, if not generations.

Step 4: After the solution is ‘cured’ in place (hence, cured in place liner), valves and couplings are refitted. A final leak test and inspection must pass our strict inspections to confirm lining integrity. Water quality, volume, and flow tests thus confirms system functionality.

And That’s Not Even The GOOD News… 

What makes this process all the better is that in MOST cases the work is performed under ground, meant means landscape, hardscape, concrete and floors remain untouched by human hands.

Vertical and horizontal pipe installation also available. We also install inside asbestos covered pipes or inside architectural stone WITHOUT disrupting the asbestos or causing damage to historical architecture.

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